God’s Always in Control


What a week it’s been so far.   My mom and dad are visiting from Colorado and it’s been a huge blessing.  Love having them staying with us!!  Everything was going perfectly until my dad got sick — so sick that he was hospitalized for 3 days.  He was discharged yesterday.  We are so grateful that he is going to be okay.  As I write my post this morning, I can see my dad in the recliner snoring away. 🙂 What a sweet sound.  When life doesn’t go exactly as planned, I want to encourage you to embrace it for what it is.  Let go of old expectations and look for new blessings.  And remember, God is in charge.  I don’t know about you, but knowing that brings me peace, joy, and so much comfort!

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Basket of Happiness


The room was quiet.  Everyone was typing away on their cell phones.  In anticipation of a long wait at the doctor’s office,  I brought my basket of happiness.  This consists of colorful yarn and my crochet hook. 😉 It was no more then 5 minutes when a sweet girl asked me what I was making.  I told her “hats…lots of hats for the orphans!” 🙂  All of sudden, everyone else started asking questions and it was so much fun to get to know these strangers.  We were laughing and having great conversations!  One of the guys had played the piano for 65 years.   Another guy was a jazz musician.  One of the girls just started a new job as a business analyst.  Everyone seemed eager to connect.  There are benefits to social media, but there is no substitute for the real deal.  When was the last time you had a great conversation (face-to-face) with your mom, friend, neighbor, or a stranger? 🙂

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Quotes and Thoughts

IMG_6638Here are some thoughts I’ve been pondering recently.  What’s been on your mind lately? 🙂

“What others think of me is none of my business.”  Interesting statement, huh?  I love it.  It’s so freeing.  My worth and value come from my maker – God.

“Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.”  Ha!  Let’s smile more – teeth or no teeth. 🙂  It’s such a good way to spread joy and communicate love to others.

“An honest answer is a sign of true friendship.”  Amen. Does it hurt to hear the truth sometimes?   Absolutely.   But how else am I going to learn and grow?  I want to be the best version of me. 🙂

“If it’s worth worrying about, it’s worth praying about.”  I spend way too much time worrying.  I have two girlfriends who were given some tough news about cancer this month.  Worrying is unproductive and stressful.  Praying always strengthens my mind and calms my anxious heart.

“If you want to be wise, spend less time on Facebook and more time with your face in The Book.”  Although I’m not on Facebook, I love other social media.   Balance is the key (in everything).   I don’t always feel inspired/wiser after spending time on social media, but I always feel inspired (and a teeny bit wiser) after spending time with God.  He never fails.

Happy Easter week dear friends! 😉

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Our Story

IMG_4390.JPGI was asked to share my testimony at the Calvary Chapel Bible College recently. Honestly, I was nervous and scared to say yes, but thankful, thankful, thankful I didn’t chicken out. 🙂  If you ever get an opportunity to share your story – whether at your job, grocery store, taxi cab, airplane, neighborhood, retreat, or school – do it. 🙂 I can’t begin to express what a blessing it was to tell others about God’s mercy, grace, kindness, and love in my life.  Like you, I’ve experienced some really tough times and some really wonderful times.  Good times are easy, but those times when we are hurting can make us bitter or better — please choose better. 😉 Perhaps you have never even thought to write down your story.  I want to encourage you to think about it and write it all down.  Mine was about 2 pages total.  Yours might be shorter and that’s okay – just write until you’re out of words. 🙂

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Our Olive Crest Journey


The husband and I have been working with Olive Crest for 2.5 years so far.  It hasn’t been an easy road, but so many blessings have come from it already.  We’ve experienced every imaginable emotion during this time of waiting – excitement, fear, joy, sadness, compassion, frustration, and relief.   Tough times come to all of us — kiddos or no kiddos.  And so do blessings! 🙂 I’ve been able to get involved in many things that I am deeply passionate about.  Are you staying productive while waiting for the next chapter in your life  — whatever that might be?  We don’t know what tomorrow holds, but we know who holds our tomorrow.  JESUS.

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img_4789We are never too young (or old) to make a difference in this world.  I was reminded of that this week when I met Faith.  She is a 14 year old fire cracker — full of giggles and excited about life!  She is raising money to take her first oversees missions trip to Zimbabwe in July.  Her daddy told her that she can go as long as she raised $1,000.  She is determined to achieve this huge goal by selling homemade cards and baked goods.  Faith is one smart cookie. 😉  Love her creative and entrepreneurial spirit for Jesus!

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True Love


Even though Valentine’s Day (or week) is officially over, I want to keep celebrating! 😉 Love is more than about flowers, chocolates, and Starbucks — although they help — it’s so much more.  Here’s how the Bible defines the word — “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.” 1 Corinthians 13:4-5

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