About Kari

Hi, my name is Kari. Thank you for reading my blog!  My hope is to inspire and encourage you to do something fun everyday — find something that brings joy to your heart (and others too).  Every new day is a gift.

I worked in the organic/natural industry for 14 years and absolutely loved it! Prior to that, I worked as a buyer in the fashion industry. Fashion and food – two industries I would absolutely pick again if I had to start over.

I love Jesus, my husband, family, and all our dear friends.  I have three sisters, one brother, and lots of nieces/nephews. Ted and I count our blessings everyday. God is good. All the time. 🙂



One Response to About Kari

  1. Leslie says:

    Kari – since you love to garden I have a fabulous video to recommend for you. It is called “Back to Eden” and it is so interesting. The man shares how God spoke to him about how to garden like God does. It is amazing and you can watch it free on-line, I believe! Love, Leslie

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