I’m so grateful for all the pictures we have of our family.  Like this one. 😉 I remember the evening vividly.   My niece had just taken a shower (that’s why she’s glistening!) and the two of us were whipping up strawberry shortcake for the family.  She was just a little peanut then — maybe 5 or 6 — and now she’s all grown up!  Hannah graduated from high school this year and we could not be more proud of our girl.  My sister-in-law and brother did a fine job in raising this beauty.  We are over the top excited to have her stay with us next week!!  We can hardly wait to hug her, eat every meal with her, and take lots of pics with her. 😉 When was the last time you invited your niece or nephew to stay with you?

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One Response to Family

  1. we2snells says:

    Awwww, so sweet. I think you should have a great time with Hannah.

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