Stink No More


Hope you had a great 4th of July too!  I love this land. 🙂 We got home late that night (about 11:30p) and were greeted with the worst odor imaginable.  Many thoughts ran through our minds as we carefully walked through the house.  Refrigerator stopped working?  What crawled in our house and died?  Plumbing issues?  Fortunately, it was far less dramatic — a healthy bowl of broccoli in the microwave was causing all the stink.  Someone (me) forgot to serve it with our dinner the night before. 😉 This small incident caused me to think about my spiritual life.   Little pride, little lies, little bitterness, little manipulation, little unforgiveness, or little jealousy can very quickly stink up my whole life.   My sin effects me, my relationship with Jesus, and others.  Ignoring problems never make them go away, but only creates bigger messes.  How good it is to know that Jesus forgives us the minute we confess our sins!  He tells us to go and stink no more (loose paraphrase of John 8:11). 🙂

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2 Responses to Stink No More

  1. chillatlife94 says:

    Such a wonderful thing when life gives us a spiritual lesson. We so need to be tuned into
    The Holy Spirit. I am asking Him to move out before me and keep my heart tuned into Him. I desperately need that

  2. we2snells says:

    Love the Lesson the Lord gave through you today!

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