Quotes and Thoughts

IMG_6638Here are some thoughts I’ve been pondering recently.  What’s been on your mind lately? 🙂

“What others think of me is none of my business.”  Interesting statement, huh?  I love it.  It’s so freeing.  My worth and value come from my maker – God.

“Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.”  Ha!  Let’s smile more – teeth or no teeth. 🙂  It’s such a good way to spread joy and communicate love to others.

“An honest answer is a sign of true friendship.”  Amen. Does it hurt to hear the truth sometimes?   Absolutely.   But how else am I going to learn and grow?  I want to be the best version of me. 🙂

“If it’s worth worrying about, it’s worth praying about.”  I spend way too much time worrying.  I have two girlfriends who were given some tough news about cancer this month.  Worrying is unproductive and stressful.  Praying always strengthens my mind and calms my anxious heart.

“If you want to be wise, spend less time on Facebook and more time with your face in The Book.”  Although I’m not on Facebook, I love other social media.   Balance is the key (in everything).   I don’t always feel inspired/wiser after spending time on social media, but I always feel inspired (and a teeny bit wiser) after spending time with God.  He never fails.

Happy Easter week dear friends! 😉

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