Simple Question

IMG_20160514_172950With the world population over 7 billion, there’s no shortage of  people.  Developing healthy friendships take time though! As long as I am willing to be a friend, I know I’ll never be friendless.  So, what do you look for in others or even a better question –  what kind of a friend do you want to be?  Here are just some of the things that are important to me.  I want to surround myself with women who…

  1. challenge me to go deeper in my walk with God.
  2. push me to pick up the pace at life when I feel stuck.
  3. are kind.
  4. understand the importance of giving and taking.
  5. take the time to listen and tell me what I need to hear vs what I want to hear (in a loving manner).
  6. are trustworthy.
  7. know how to have fun!!

What’s on your list? 🙂

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