Own Your Life

IMG_20150710_190115I fell in love with the title of this book!   How can you not, right?   Sally is an amazing author, mother, and leader.  The book is about “living with deep intention, bold faith, and generous love.”  Here’s more from the book:

  • “I do not have the power to make everyone like me or approve of my values, looks, actions, or performance.  But I am responsible for how I react to others’ criticism of me.”
  • “I must daily decide to enjoy the person God made me to be.”
  • “I learned that God often does not work with the most qualified, but with the most available.”
  • “I resolve to love, as much as possible, all of those who came into my life.”
  • “Lord, I will choose to find light in this darkness.  I have no guarantee about how any of this will turn out, but I am planting a flag of faith.  No matter what happens I will be as obedient as I can to bring joy into this place, to create beauty in this wilderness, to exercise generous love, and to persevere with patience.”

Liberating an empowering words!

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One Response to Own Your Life

  1. we2snells says:

    She is a great writer and speaker. I sat in a video bible study by her. Love you

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