How Great Thou Art

IMG_20150530_142434My mother-in-law battled with cancer for about a year and she passed away this week.  My husband loved his mother very much. They had a special bond. He honored his mom until she took her last breath last Wednesday afternoon.  I didn’t cry until I heard “How Great Thou Art” on the radio and I lost it.  Sobbed because I was hurting for my husband, but was so thankful that God allowed Katherine to live a year longer than we expected. God is great. I can clearly see how important these last twelve months have been to her family. If you get a chance, listen to Carrie Underwood sing How Great Thou Art on Youtube. She sings the song beautifully. I’m listening to it as I write today’s post. Love you and thank you for taking the time to read my blog. 🙂

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One Response to How Great Thou Art

  1. we2snells says:

    Lovely tribute to Katherine. I know it must be hard for Ted. We are praying for Him. Love You!

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