I Love My Mother Dear

IMG_20150507_124746We just got home from a hiking trip last night and I will be recovering for the rest of this month! I’m being dramatic, of course. 🙂 We hiked through the rain, snow, and sunshine in the Sequoia and Kings Canyon. God’s creation is awesome! We had so many breath taking moments (including today’s photo – the drive on Hwy 99 with the flowers in full bloom) and I can’t wait to share more with you! Did you know that Kings Canyon is even deeper than the Grand Canyon? Spectacular! While I was on the trails, I thought a lot about my mom (since yesterday was Mother’s Day). I thanked the Lord for a mom who is full of love and kindness. She taught me to be adventurous, forgiving, and positive. Thank you Heavenly Father for this lady who I get to call mom. Please heal her of her cancer (on this side of heaven) so that we can have many more years together. Thank you!

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One Response to I Love My Mother Dear

  1. we2snells says:

    Thank you Kari for the sweet words, and amen to your prayer for my cancer. I love you, Mom

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