Girl Time

I met up with two very dear friends yesterday. They’re inspirational, smart, funny, generous, energetic, beautiful, encouraging, and sassy! 🙂 And one more thing – they’re sisters – how awesome, right? We met at my last job and they are the makers of the best taquitos! StarLite Cuisine products are GMO free, cholestrol free, vegan, and available in the freezer department in most health food stores. I love to eat them for lunch or snack with fresh guacamole! Now let’s talk dessert. 🙂 I was introduced to Dots yesterday. Oh my. Pretty and delightful – better than Sprinkles (in my opinion!). They have two bakeries in Pasadena and they were voted “Pasadena’s Best Cupcakes” two years in a row. Go Dots!

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One Response to Girl Time

  1. June says:

    Wow 😲 you made me feel so special. I had so much fun. Kid you not each year as summer winds down I’m reminded of our special coffee 🍵 break.

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