Labor Day Celebration

IMG_00013268IMG_00013271IMG_00013273We had friends/family over for dinner last night! The weather was perfect for an outside picnic party. I threw down some blankets on our lawn and everyone had a relaxed evening. We had BBQ chicken salad, sun dried tomato bread, grilled tuna (freshly caught by one of our friend’s friend just the day before!), watermelon, cheese/crackers, brownies, fruit tart, and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies – what a feast! 🙂 To end the perfect evening, my friend brought her guitar and we sang praise songs under the stars! I miss summer already. 😦

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2 Responses to Labor Day Celebration

  1. theresajoy42 says:

    I agree with you…I miss summer already but at the same time I’m curious what the fall season will bring. I believe we will have an exciting, interesting fall.

  2. karidar says:

    Love your attitude! 🙂 xoxo

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