Friends Forever


I’ve known my dear friend for 25+ years.  Actually,  we became friends in junior high!   We don’t talk or write often, but I know I can count on her beautiful Christmas cards every year.  She is very thoughtful!  So, here’s where the story gets interesting. 🙂 Instead of sending her a Christmas card, my plan was to call her – yes, that was the plan in December – three months ago!!  Because so much time had passed now, I felt awkward about contacting her.   So, I was (almost) going to let a whole year pass by without saying hello.  Glad I didn’t listen to my feelings!   As we began to catch up today, she shared that her husband was going to have surgery this afternoon.  She is also going through some medical challenges with her mother in law and she needed prayer (today!).  If you think you might be too “late” in making that phone call, it may be God’s perfect timing today!

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One Response to Friends Forever

  1. Mom says:

    I want to know who this friend its! Love, Mom

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