A Special Christmas Present


When my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas last year,  I asked for a weekend getaway to a fancy hotel.  I love feeling like I’m million miles away and acting like a tourist (carefree and happy with a camera!) without getting on an airplane.  My husband booked a room at Hotel Del Coronado last weekend. 🙂 The resort was gorgeous and we walked for miles on the beach for two days.  Fortunately, the rain had stopped when we arrived to San Diego. We had a lot of fun eating, talking, eating, walking, and eating. 🙂 I have two food highlights to share from the trip – the cobbler sampler (strawberry rhubarb, apple cinnamon, and peach)- perfect late night dessert for two. And the breakfast buffet  – salmon quiche,  pancakes with pistachio and chocolate chips, current scones, fruit, spinach and mushroom frittata, fresh guacamole with huge chunks of avacado, and the most tasty veggie platter (asparagus,  okra, mushrooms, bok choy, and other goodies – want to try to recreate this dish).  We took our time and ate and drank good coffee for over an hour.  After that, we walked about 100 miles (or it seemed)! 🙂  I will treasure this Christmas gift for years to come because I got to create special memories with my husband.   I found this sign at one of the gift shops – how true it is.

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2 Responses to A Special Christmas Present

  1. Mom says:

    So you found did go to The Del, it sounds wonderful. Was it stinky? It doesn’t sound like it!

  2. karidar says:

    Not at all. 🙂 I think it must have been a competitor who wrote that bad review about the stinky hallways. The hotel was lovely – the room we had was recently renovated – everything was white and pretty.

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