An Unexpected Guest


We had quite a night.  I finally finished taking all the ornaments off our tree and when my husband opened the door to take the tree outside, a little frazzled birdie flew in the house!  At first I thought it was kinda cute (assuming it would fly right back out!).  I love birds. 🙂 Then after 2 hours, it was still perching on the electrical wire right by the door!   My husband tried everything to get the birdie out of the house, but with our vaulted ceiling, it was nearly an impossible task.  Finally, Ted thought to turn out all the lights and sneak up on it – the birdie was so blind that Ted had to nudge it into the big clear bag!  It just needed a little extra help to find freedom again. 🙂 In some ways, we are all like these helpless birdies.  We can’t see our way out sometimes (even though the ticket to freedom is within inches away), but God is always nudging us back to freedom.  If you are feeling frazzled and afraid, trust God to take you safely “outside” where you’re meant to soar! 

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