A Special Weekend


I was not looking forward to this weekend because my husband was going out of town  – first time being apart since our wedding day.  My heart was overwhelmed with great sadness.  To make matters worse, the thought of being home alone scared me.   I’ve lived alone for many years without being afraid, but I was in a condo and knew most of my neighbors. Things are a little different now.  So, I made plans to stay with my sister the entire weekend – no problem! 🙂 Well, my plans didn’t quite work out as I had hoped because I got sick.  I was coughing and sneezing all week.   I panicked when I realized what this meant, but then I was comforted by the thought that God might have allowed the changes so that I can get over my fear and trust Him to protect me this weekend!  Imagine that? 🙂 He is so good!  To my surprise, I had a wonderful weekend.  I went to church, worked on party stuff for my mom’s birthday, got a great start on my Christmas shopping, and ate lots of ice cream – including eggnog (as photographed – can you believe Christmas is only six weeks away?)!  What fears do you have today?  You’re not alone – be encouraged – God is with you!

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