Don’t Stay There


Have you ever felt stuck? This beautiful butterfly came in the house and the poor thing, it didn’t know what to do. I had couple days of feeling stuck this week.  We’re in the process of planning our vacation and the travel agent (although a nice lady) sent me an additional bill for $300!  I realize it’s not a large amount, but I’ve been frustrated with the hidden costs.  I have tried to reason with her, but it doesn’t look like anything is going to change.  After couple of days of being upset, I needed to move on. We can stay stuck emotionally for days, weeks, or years. Don’t do it. Get out. Go free! That’s what God wants for you and me. 

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2 Responses to Don’t Stay There

  1. Julia says:

    True that sis! It’s easy to get stuck. It’s important to move on. Take care! Have a great trip! Let go and let God!

  2. Aileen says:

    I would probably react like you. It’s the “hidden cost.” If they told you ahead of time it would not matter. I will feel deceived but like you said we need to get “unstuck.” It doesn’t help to stay in that mode anyway. Lesson learned.
    What a blessing though that you are going somewhere for a vacation! Wherever you are going it I’m sure it will be beautiful and fun.

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