Happy 2018

CBFA31B7-FD07-4475-BCCA-99DC681FADA3How was your Christmas?  The husband and I didn’t have to travel this year and we LOVED it.  Waking up in our home on Christmas was a huge treat since we usually travel to be with our families for the holidays.  It was a blessing to host Ted’s family this year.  We love our people. ❤️ I’m still recovering from all the festivities (most busy and wonderful season) and slowly getting my home back in order for the new year.   It’s nice to see everything looking fresh, clean, and new again.  I’ve been posting more on Instagram (and less blogging) lately because it’s quicker and easier.   Take a look. ❤️ https://www.instagram.com/karicopperthite/

I want to leave you with a prayer:  Jesus, thank you for this sweet life.  Please help us to love others well.  We want to comfort the hurting, offer wise counsel to the confused, and love those who are broken.  Help us to be a blessing.  Thank you for loving us first.  Amen. ❤️


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Truth Tellers


I was at an awesome concert recently.  The music was so, sooooooo amazing. 🙂 If you ever get a chance to see Plumb, go!!  Tiffany (lead singer) is the real deal – she’s mega talented, humble, godly, strong, funny, and raw.  She shared about a time when she almost divorced her husband.  Things were bad between them, her heart was completely broken, and blamed him for everything.  Then one day, she was venting to her best friend about him and her wise friend asked Tiffany the question, “Do you know that you’re hard to be friends with sometimes?”  Ouch.  I’m sure those words stung at the moment, but they were exactly what Tiffany needed to hear.  She took responsibility for her part and by the grace of God, they’re still married today.  God is able to work when we take responsibility for our part.  No matter how small or big.  How neat that Tiffany’s friend was brave enough to speak truth in her life.  Do you have truth tellers in your life?

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Leaf Peeping


It was only 95 degrees at home today.  Thankful it was not 96 or 106, amen? I love the crazy and wonderful Autumn weather in OC.  We recently took a day trip to Big Bear to go leaf peeping.  It was stunning and absolutely gorgeous.  There’s something about being outside and enjoying God’s creation.  What are you doing this weekend?  Go get lost in the woods! 🙂

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In God We Trust


It’s been 3 years since we started our exciting journey with Olive Crest.  We are in the process of getting recertified — home inspection today!   We love this organization.  They help find safe homes for neglected/abused children.  Although we continue to walk  in the unknown, I’m more confident than ever in God’s plan for Ted and me — no matter what the final outcome (kiddos or no kiddos).  I’m choosing to trust Jesus every step of the way — the only way I want to live my life!  If you’re struggling with the unknown today, you need to read “When God’s NO Today is Protecting His YES Tomorrow” by Alicia Bruxvoort from Proverbs 31 Ministries.  Read it TODAY — you’ll be encouraged! ❤️   http://proverbs31.org/devotions/devo/when-gods-no-today-is-protecting-his-yes-tomorrow/

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Blob to Beauty

Have you ever watched a glass blowing demonstration?  I’ve seen it several times — including in Murano (Italy) and honestly, I’ve never been impressed.  I almost feel bad admitting it, but it’s true!  However, everything changed for me at the Sawdust Festival last month.  I was CAPTIVATED by the artist, art, and the raging fire.  I’ve been meditating on the spiritual lesson — we are all in the process of changing from blob to beauty. 🙂 The artist (Jesus) is creating the most beautiful art (you) through molding/shaping/intense heat (trials, pain, and hardships).  Whatever you’re going through today, hold on and trust God with all your heart.  You’re His masterpiece.

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Gift of Today


We spent last weekend fishing with Ted’s family. 😀 We even caught fish.  Ha!  🐟🐠   They’re such a sweet family and we love them to pieces — even if they’re choosing to live 13 hours away from us. 😉While away, Hurricane Harvey devestated Texas and more than 30,000 lives were effected.  Life can change in an instant.  Where is your hope and security?  Mine is in Christ alone. ☝️

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Simple Joy


My baby niece loves avocado. 💕  I was watching Josie squeeeeeeeze this delicious fruit (always tempted to call it a veggie because it’s green!) through her little fingers and occasionally eating some of it. 😛 I stayed engaged from the opposite side — end of the table.  Ha!  She played, played, played until she was covered with the green goop. When was the last time you were having so much fun that you didn’t care what you looked like?  😉

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